Fun Experiences at Horningsea Park!

Here at Community Kids Horningsea Park, we have been busy with a variety of planned and spontaneous activities. Here’s a sneak peak into what we have currently been upto. 

Insect, bugs and creepy crawlies!

In the Kindy room at Community Kids Horningsea Park, the children have been fascinated to learning all about insects for their project. To extend on this interest we went on a bug scavenger hunt in our outdoor environment.

We were given a clipboard with pictures of insects we were trying to find. It included flies, mosquito, butterflies, moths, beetles, spiders and ants.

Rishi and his friends spent the morning with miss Kaitlyn looking everywhere to locate as many bugs as we could find. This was a great learning experience for many reasons! Firstly, it allowed us to connect and explore our natural surroundings, and secondly it furthered our interest and challenged us.


Signs & Symbols 

The children’s cultural diversity and knowledge are continually being supported through our ongoing cultural project in the Kindy room.

Miss Ash made aboriginal symbols for us to use in our sand play. The children were educated on what the symbols represent and were encouraged to use their fingers to draw the symbols in the sand.

Malik and Willow engaged in this together, showing each other the symbols they chose to draw.  

Munch & Move Program 

The nursery room focused on using our fine motor skills and physical skills as we sat a ball at the top of the ramp and pushed it down. Educator Miss Jess demonstrated for the children so they could grasp the concept. The aim was to create an opportunity for each child to explore through turn taking.

The educators also supported children in moving the ramps around the room to investigate and explore different heights to roll the balls down. 

Nature Play

We are consistently promoting the use of natural resources for increasing our children’s creative and imaginative capacities. Isla worked with Miss Jade collaboratively to collect fallen leaves from our yard to create natural paint brushes for us to use.

Later Rishi utilised the natural leaves as paint brushes. He dipped the natural paint brush into different coloured paints and observed the unique brush strokes he created. 

Indegenous Culture 

We are continuing to create opportunities for our Kindies to be exposed to Indigenous culture. To extend on our previous experience of Indigenous flag drawings, children reflect on Indigenous dot art paintings to create their own interpretation of how they view dot paintings using q-tips and a range of paints on individual recycled cardboard canvas. Meanwhile children express their creative ideas as they show respect for diverse cultures shared in our world.


We hope that these experiences have inspired you to extend on these interests outside of the centre as well. 

Stay tuned for to see what we have planned in the coming weeks here at Community Kids Horningsea Park



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