Ryan Kroon

Centre Manager - Community Kids Ashford

"I am a passionate believer that when children establish trusting relationships and connections to educators and care environments, it supports positive emotional well-being."

My early childhood education and care career began in 2002, and I started working at Community Kids Ashford in 2014. I hold an Advanced Diploma Leadership and Business Management, Diploma and Advanced Diploma Children’s Services, and Certificate 3 Montessori Studies   

I have worked with over 75 centres across South Australia and Victoria. I have supported Leaders and their teams to develop and implement best practice and curriculums that support high-quality outcomes for children, families and teams. I have always identified as an Educator of people of all ages. And this has inspired me to engage in the Early Education and Care sector for all my working life.  

As an educator, I’ve learnt that children respond well when they are provided freedom with limits. This approach allows children to make their own choices within a prepared space, supports them to become confident and capable learners. Learning this has influenced my teaching approach never to underestimate a child’s ability. They might be smaller than adults, but they are equally a person.   

I am a passionate believer that when children establish trusting relationships and connections to educators and care environments, it supports positive emotional well-being. It becomes a primary influence for helping them to become confident, individual, and unique learners. 

Children often look to other children, particularly in group settings - of ways to play and respond to their environment. Allowing children to learn from each other supports them in developing an awareness of identity, relationships, and social behaviours. It develops methods of communication while promoting confidence and a positive sense of well-being. Our philosophy and curriculum provide an opportunity for children to learn about feelings, emotions and how to be responsible for ourselves, each other, and the environment.   

Our team is confident with the standards and elements outlined in Quality Area 2 of the National Quality Framework. We integrate this into practice to ensure health and safety standards are well-considered and always prioritised. All children have the right to feel safe, and the UN Conventions Rights of a Child influences and guides our practice concerning child protection.   

Our centre team is made up of varying skills, experience, and qualifications. We are proud to reflect the diversity of our local community. We are a well-connected team. We all have a responsibility to develop meaningful relationships with all children and their families to provide a sense of belonging within our service. Through reflective practice and a focus on continuous improvement, we are dedicated to implementing standards and practices that exceed the National Quality Framework.  

We understand that starting at a new centre can be overwhelming. From the first inquiry, we make sure that we address all your questions one by one. Families are informed during an initial enquiry, how to enrol at the centre and what steps to take to claim CCS (Child Care Subsidy) for eligible families. Families are further supported throughout the enrolment process with scheduled orientation visits in preparation for their first day. During these visits, children and their family are introduced to their primary carer and classroom environment, and parents or caregivers are supported with completing the administration aspect of enrolment – signing agreements, setting up fee payments and account set up of software program Xplor.   

Our approach to building and maintaining relationships with families is based on the Circle of Security theory. We create positive and meaningful relationships through open and ongoing communication and being present and available to families throughout the day.   

Fun fact about myself: I love playing sport and being outside!   

Welcome to Community Kids Ashford! 
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