Chantelle Sugden 

Centre Manager - Community Kids Ashford

"I have always loved how children explore, wonder, investigate, and delight in life."

I began my career in early childhood education in 1996, and I started at Community Kids Ashford in 2022. I have a Diploma in Children's Services and National Nursery Examination Board (UK). I have also been a nanny, nursery nurse, supervisor and manager.

My inspiration to pursue a career path in early education is my love for children. I have always loved how they explore, wonder, investigate, and delight in life. I learnt from my career as an early educator is that children are capable learners. They see so many firsts in their lives, and I want to ensure they are as positive as possible.

There are many benefits of attending a dedicated childhood education and care environment compared to learning at home. Children are stimulated in areas of interest by trained professionals who wish to support the child and their family. They get to develop their social and language skills better in a centre-based learning environment.

Our team at Community Kids Ashford is strong, supportive, inclusive and diverse. We support our families through constant and positive communication and recognition and understanding of individual needs and concerns.

I look forward to welcoming your family to Community Kids Ashford

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