Krysta Barry  

Centre Manager - Community Kids Bangor

"My teaching philosophy is to provide enriched and well-balanced experiences where children's interests are enhanced."

My early childhood education and care career began in 2012 and I started working at Community Kids Bangor in the same year. I hold a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education, which I achieved in 2014. I then went on to complete my Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care in 2017. I have nine years of experience working in various capacities in Early Education. I have extensive experience working directly with children, including four years of experience in the Assistant Centre Manager role, which has led me to take on the Centre Manager's role.  

It was always my childhood dream to be a "Kindy Teacher".  I always had my heart set on working with children. I started out as a swimming teacher before moving into Early Education. 

Over my many years in the early childhood education and care, I have learned that every child is unique. This has influenced my teaching style to ensure I am ever-evolving and adapting to the children's many varying needs and interests in my care.  

My teaching philosophy is to provide enriched and well-balanced experiences where children's interests are enhanced. I am a strong believer that the environment serves as the third teacher. Through engaging setups and a curriculum driven by children's interest, voices, and thought processes, we are allowing children to be capable learners.  As they take ownership of this curriculum, they become motivated to persist and master skills that are the key to their development. Through provoking self-discovery, children can create meaningful moments in their lives, and we are empowering them to foster positive learning skills and a passion for further discoveries. 

At Community Kids Bangor , we understand that learning is a lifelong process. It is up to us, as educators, to nurture the child's excitement, curiosity and learning. From encouraging creativity, imagination, and respect for others', to teaching children the values and life skills that will serve them throughout their lives. My passion for education sees me establishing safe, support risk-taking environments and allows for children's natural curiosity to drive their own learning as they are immersed in a world of discovery. 

In my role as the Centre Manager, I ensure I retain and employ educators that share the same values and passion I hold to support children throughout laying the foundations of Early Years Education. 

Our service provides and is committed to excellence in Early Childhood Education and Teaching. Our qualified, experienced and passionate team of Educators will work with families of the community to provide secure, happy and stimulating learning environments for all children in our care.  We are confident that we are creating environments that develop the links for children between their home life and centre life. 

Our Pre-school Program is led by a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and ensures your child is given the best start possible before embarking on their Primary School Journey. 

I am confident that my team of passionate educators (here at Community Kids) work incredibly hard every day to provide a fun, engaging, exciting & ever-evolving learning environment that your child will absolutely thrive in. 

Here at Community Kids Bangor we have a dedicated, passionate and diverse team of educators. Several of our staff have been at the Centre for many, many years! We are a small, family orientated Centre. We often have visitors comment on how welcoming and friendly our team is - of which I am very proud.  

Our dedicated team is always striving to provide high-quality care and education to children and families to ensure their experience is enjoyable. We take pride in knowing all our educators hold strong relationships with the children and families at our Centre. 

I am proud and blessed to have an amazing team that is so committed and positive about their role as educators. The whole team sees their role as being incredibly important; helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning. 

I look forward to meeting you, showing you around and introducing you to our wonderful team. 

It is extremely important to all the educators and myself to have good relationships with our Centre's children and families. I spend time with families explaining the benefits of attending our Centre. I encourage them to read our Google reviews and talk to other parents.   

We provide a personal tour for families, not rushing them and allowing them time to ask questions. I assist with all aspects of enrolling at the Centre: filling in forms, understanding CCS & Xplor etc. I have an open-door policy where they feel comfortable coming and chatting with me about anything. I am always here to help and support families at my Centre know this.  

Families are leaving their most precious thing in the world with us. We understand how hard that can be for families, which is why we offer as many transition sessions as needed for children that are just starting with us. 

I am excited to welcome you into the Community Kids family and look forward to supporting, guiding and caring for your most precious asset. 

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