Centre Manager - Community Kids Broadbeach Waters

"I want our children to learn and grow at their own pace and naturally develop their talents and personalities. "

My early learning career started in 2007 and I have been working at Community Kids Broadbeach Waters ever since. I hold an Advance Diploma in Children's Services.

I love children and love to watch them grow. It is very rewarding to see their development each day and have a meaningful impact on their lives. I've learned that each child is unique and we should enable them to be individuals. I want our children to learn and grow at their own pace and naturally develop their talents and personalities. I believe in taking the time to learn more about each child and what they need to be successful. As educators, we communicate with families to understand the child's strengths, interests and limitations so we can make adjustments along the way. Here at Community Kids Broadbeach Waters, we make children feel loved, welcomed and valued so they can develop a sense of belonging and build their confidence. 

In a dedicated early learning environment, children learn to socialise and communicate better. They learn to share their spaces, attention, and toys, growing more independently than at home. They develop their skills quickly as they watch other children and want to be part of a group. 

My team is a very loving and caring team. We have excellent communication with families, team members, and children, making them feel welcome and comfortable at our centre. We are a very inclusive team, as we are all from different cultures and backgrounds. 

We regularly communicate with our families and I am always here to support them. I am always interested to know how their day was and how their children are doing in their classroom. We are always open to suggestions and accept all feedback for continuous improvement. 

Call to enquire 1800 411 604