Centre Manager - Community Kids Canley Heights

“I've learned that children thrive in diverse and inclusive environments.”

I commenced my early learning career in 2007 and started working at the centre in 2008. I hold a Diploma in Children's Services. 

My journey in early education has been deeply rewarding. I'm inspired by the boundless curiosity and potential of young learners. My passion is nurturing young minds, fostering curiosity, and empowering children with knowledge, skills, and confidence for a successful and fulfilling life journey.

Throughout my career, I've learned that children thrive in diverse and inclusive environments. Their unique backgrounds and experiences enrich our learning environments. This has guided my teaching style. I strive to embrace individuality, celebrate differences, and create a welcoming space where all children can flourish and learn. 

Attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre offers structured learning, social interaction, and expert guidance. Children benefit from a rich, stimulating environment, diverse peer interactions, and specialised educators who promote holistic development. 

My team are from diverse backgrounds. They are creative, passionate and committed to the community. I support my family by actively listening to their needs, offering assistance when required, and prioritising quality time together. Building strong relationships with families involves open communication, trust, empathy, and respect for each member's individuality.

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