Sonia Ledger

Centre Manager - Community Kids Goodna

“The best part of my day is seeing the children smile while listening to their stories. ”

I started working in early learning in 1996. I joined the team at Community Kids Goodna in 2020. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children Services and Community Sector Management. I am currently studying Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood). 

For over 25 years I have had the privilege to educate children age 0 - 16 years of age and absolutely enjoy watching them grow into beautiful young people. The best part of my day is seeing the children smile while listening to their stories. 

I have learnt in my time of caring for children that you continue to learn new things each day, no matter how long you're in the education sector. Being led by children, I help them develop important skills by creating experiences and environments that enhance their learning abilities. 

Children who attend a Early Education Centre get the best head start in their learning journey. They are able to development social skills and emotional resilience that are valuable later in life. An early education centre offers children an environment that enables them to build on their knowledge and extend on them and explore a bigger world. 

We have a team of 20 educators who have a diverse range of knowledge and skills. They are dedicated to offering the best quality early education and ensuring the children are safe, comfortable and loved. 

Our families are just as important as the children we care for. Our educators go out of their way to ensure that the families feel included in their child's learning journey. We host regular events for the families to attend. We consult with our families and constantly ask for feedback.

We look forward to having your family as part of our community. 

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