Centre Manager - Community Kids Griffith

“Children are capable and possess the ability to make choices for their future, learning, and rights over autonomy.”

I started my early education career in 2015 and have been working at Community Kids Griffith Early Learning Centre since then. 

I currently have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

My inspiration for going into the Early Childhood sector was my daughter. wanted to inspire and pave the way for inclusive practices for all no matter abilities, age, race, or gender. During the last 8 years, I have worked in many roles across the service. I love that each day is different; each child is unique; and each family brings with them new experiences and outlooks on the world around them. The relationships built on trust, mutual respect and nurturing in a safe environment are so important for children.

In my time in the sector, I have learnt that children are capable and possess the ability to make choices for their future, learning, and rights over autonomy. Children are inquisitive and are natural learners. I am guided by play-based learning, which provides opportunities for children to immerse all their senses into learning about the world around them, and about themselves. 

Early Childhood education settings are an extension of the home. Having qualified Educators and Teachers provide rich curriculum-based learning through play and intentional teachings allows children to participate and carve out their own learning journey. It assists children in social, cognitive, gross, and fine motor skills. 

At Community Kids Griffith, we have a dedicated, passionate team of educators and teachers who are committed to providing quality care and education to all children. We are always looking for ways to improve their practices, deepening relationships with families and collaborating with the broader community to provide rich meaningful experiences for the children.

We acknowledge that each family is different and has different needs for support. Regular communications are sent to keep families updated, promoting our open-door policy, and encouraging family involvement. At Community Kids Griffith we appreciate the time it takes to develop and continue to foster good relationships. 

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