Venita Rutley

Centre Manager - Community Kids Heatley

“I am truly inspired by children, their uniqueness, creativity, sense of wonder.”

I started working in early learning in 1999 and joined the Community Kids Heatley Child Care Centre in 2020. I’ve been with the G8 Education family since 2014. 

As a qualified teacher, I hold a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary), a Diploma of Children’s Services, and a Diploma of Business & Leadership and Management. I am trained in First Aid, CPR and Child Protection.

I delighted in watching children grow and develop throughout life watching their steps of development, their struggles, fears and bumps and grazes. Throughout my career I have had the privilege of working within a special need’s inclusive school which gave me the opportunity to widen my career while utilising these skills developed to help all children to reach their full potential.  

I am truly inspired by children, their uniqueness, creativity, sense of wonder and how the smallest discovery can lead to great exploration and development in learning. The look on a child’s face, full of wonder and joy when they make a discovery or master a small step in their development is absolutely priceless and it never ceases to amaze me. Working as an ECT and Centre Manager, I have had the privilege to educate and develop positive relationships with my teams, families and children.   

Each child develops and learns at their own pace. Part of my role is to provide an amazing centre with a great team to enhance each child’s uniqueness and individuality through positive role-modelling and quality learning environments that are set up to inspire a love of learning and self-discovery.  

The learning benefits of attending a dedicated early childhood education is far reaching.  After initial contact, we connect and partner with families to ensure a positive transition through life, starting with our nursery children through to our preschool program. Through open communication with our families, we develop an inclusive program that takes into account what children have been discovering at home and continue on with their learning at Centre.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all our children through following healthy and safety practices each day in all we do. From ensuring our centre is clean at all times, to undertaking safety checks each day, we are committed to proving a safe environment for everyone. My child protection statement is to ensure that all children are safe, protected from harm and cared for at all times.  

Our educators are passionate, caring and respectful of all children while promoting inclusivity at our centre. Educators are dedicated to having fun with our children while developing a love of learning. I want our families to know that they matter and they’re leaving their children with educators who care deeply about every child at our centre.  

Starting at a new centre can create confusion and overwhelm for families. From the time of my initial contact with our families through our tour to their child’s first day, I ensure that potential families and new families are at ease with our centre and teams through building a positive relationship with each family. During our centre tours I discuss all the finer aspects of what we provide to our families, I ask them what they are looking for, listening attentively to their questions and comments, providing them with all information on what our centre can offer them, from flexible hours to open and closing times. Listening to their concerns, providing support in any way I can is essential in my role.

Parents will always arrive to the centre for pick ups and drops where a welcoming smile and personal greeting is waiting. Coffee and tea is always hot and available with a snack on our breakfast bar too.  From our initial communication through to settling children, I value building a positive relationship with our families. A kind word of encouragement, a welcoming smile each day and taking the times to listen is important to me in building positive relationships.  

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know your family so you can become a part of our family here at Community Kids Heatley.

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