Tabitha Ball

Centre Manager - Community Kids Horsham

“Knowing that I have played a role in a child’s life to help them live to be the best they can be and more, makes my position fulfilling.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2015 and started working at Community Kids Horsham in 2017. I hold a Diploma in Early Education and Care and have also completed my Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management. 

I started my time in early education as a casual in a long day care service in Warrnambool. Upon moving back to Horsham, I took a role as a Lead Educator at another service. After my time at that service had finished, I started my career here at Community Kids as an Assistant Educator, then move into a Lead Educator role. I then was offered as position as an Assistant Centre Manager, which was a role I partook in as well as being a Lead Educator. I was an Assistant Centre Manager for 3 years before stepping into an Acting Centre Manager position. I love watching children learn, grow and develop to their full potential. Knowing that I have played a role in a child’s life to help them live to be the best they can be and more, makes my position fulfilling. I also enjoy coaching and working alongside team members to assist them to learn as well and use their skills on the floor as educators. 
Throughout my early childhood education and care career I have learnt that all children, given the right opportunities and support to explore, discover, create and imagine, can grow and develop to their full potential. Children are also fantastic teacher’s as well! Towards other peers and for educators too! 

My approach towards helping children on their learning and life journey is warm and welcoming towards all children and their families. I like to ensure that a child’s family is included and involved in their learning to ensure the best and appropriate outcome for each child. I find that to achieve this, communication and strong and respectful relationships with children and their families is a vital part on a child’s learning and life journey here at Community Kids Horsham. 

Each room has been planned and set up to deliver the best early learning experience for your little one. A homely, safe and secure environment where your child will develop and grow. We have qualified and supportive educator team who truly care about children’s wellbeing and growth. We also have activities designed to grow physical and cognitive development, including tummy time, sensory play, music, singing, rhymes and reading and real-life and play-based experiences that allow children to engage in basic literacy and numeracy concepts. 

Our team is extremely passionate about creating a centre that is a home away from home for both families and children where our team strives for each child to have a fulfilling and challenging learning and life journey. Our team designs and create a learning environment that aims to challenge a child to explore, discover, create and imagine, can grow and develop to their full potential, tailored for both the individual child and group of children as a whole. The centre really is an extension of the home environment, and we work in partnership with families to ensure this is the case, understanding each child’s individual needs. It’s the sort of centre where everyone knows all the children, no matter which room they are in.  
The whole team sees their role as incredibly important, helping children establish the building blocks for a successful lifetime of learning. 

We have open, friendly and welcoming communication at all times, working collaboratively as partners. We offer families orientation upon enrolling their child into the service to assist in providing a smooth transition to care. We have an Xplor App available for families to download, where they can view their child/ren’s health and learning all in one place! 

With many of our team having children of their own enrolled in care, we have all been or are going through the process of childcare and early learning – we are proud to offer support where possible - from helping our families to enrol, setting up our Xplor App or even tips to help with fussy eaters, activities at home etc. We’re here to help.  
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