Renee Burgess

Centre Manager - Community Kids Innisfail

“As manager I am able to witness miraculous happenings across the whole centre.”

I started in early learning in 2018 when I changed from teaching in primary schools to taking a position as an ECT (Early Childhood Teacher).   

I hold a Bachelor of Education, and a Diploma of Early Childhood. Whilst I have taught for 13 years in primary schools, I have worked in an Early Learning Centre for 3 years. (2 years as an ECT and 1 as centre manager). 

Working in early childhood still enables me to follow my career choice and passion of facilitating the learning of children. Being the ECT has given me the best of both worlds – teaching and the enjoyment I get from watching children develop and grow. Now as manager I am able to witness miraculous happenings across the whole centre. 

I continue to learn and adapt throughout my career. I have learnt that every child is unique and every interaction needs to draw on experience and professional learning. 

Developing relationships with the child and their family helps to approach each child’s learning and life journey. By using a child centred/interest approach gives children a sense of belonging, being, and becoming in an environment outside of their home. 

Whilst nothing can compare with home there are benefits for children attending an early childhood education centre. Attending an early childhood education centre can help children develop the social, emotional, vocabulary and cognitive skills by providing safe and mentally stimulating spaces to explore, play and learn the rules of social interaction at a pace that meets each child’s individual needs. Each of our rooms learning needs are different and change as the children grow and develop. 

We take health and safety very seriously and follow strict state guidelines around this.  Educators minimise risk whilst still providing a controlled environment where risk taking is encouraged. Educators understand the development and needs of the children in their care and ensure that the space protects children from harm and injury. Above all we believe that active supervision ensures that children are protected from harm and hazard. If living through a pandemic has taught us anything it's that hygiene is important. Educators ensure that they employ high standards of cleaning practices to prevent infections. 

We have long-serving, multicultural team members who reflect our local community. Our professional and cohesive team work together to ensure smooth transition and development of the children throughout our centre. Our passionate educators draw on multiple levels of experience from working within the early education sector and life to provide quality experiences in a compassionate environment.  

Starting at a new centre can create confusion and anxiety for families. We believe first impressions count, which is important to build positive and lasting relationships with families. Our tour is usually our first contact with families, we ensure we know who we are greeting – care giver and child. We cater the tour experience for their specific needs. Our families are given options to enable a smooth transition into care, particularly if it is their first time. Parents are offered reassurance and assistance at each step of the process. 

Our educators believe in open communication. Care givers are always greeted warmly upon entering the centre by educators. Time is always available to have impromptu conversations with care givers through ongoing engagement. 

There’s nothing like the sound of a child’s laughter and it’s certainly the one thing I love to do as much as I can.  I love to laugh. 
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