Kymberly Jarvis-James 

Centre Manager - Community Kids Jimboomba

"I am passionate about watching children grow and guiding them through their early years."

My early childhood education and care career began in 1998, and I started work at Community Kids Jimboomba in 2021. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Children's Services and a Certificate III in Community Services. During my high school senior years, I completed some of my certificates and helped run a playgroup while also completing work experience at my local day care and babysitting for families. 

I am passionate about watching children grow and guiding them through their early years. I have always been that Mother Hen. I looked after the younger children in my family as I grew up and helped families by educating and supporting them as they venture into parenthood. I have four children aged 4, 8, 15 and 20, and I can't imagine my life without little feet running around. 

What I have learnt during my early childhood education and care career is that making connections is important. If you can build strong, trusting relationships with your children, families and staff, everything else will fall into place. 

My approach to helping children on their learning and life journey is to be passionate, gentle, kind, patient, understanding and loving. I get down to their level; they are just as important as we all are. 

There are many benefits to children and their families when attending a dedicated early childhood and education centre. I have meaningful conversations and educate families about the importance of developing cognitive and language skills. The children also learn social interaction, a regular schedule, and school readiness. Making connections with other children and educators, developing a sense of belonging are also benefits of attending a childcare centre like Community Kids Jimboomba.

Our team is passionate about observing children's development and supporting them personally as children grow and thrive. We feel honoured to play such an important role in children's lives during those crucial first five years. 

We build good relationship with our families by supporting them and making connections. It's also about keeping open communication and always going above and beyond for them.  I believe in being honest, kind, having integrity and empathy in all I do. 

Welcome to Community Kids Jimboomba!

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