Karen Dagleish

Centre Manager - Community Kids Kewarra Beach

“Children are our future, actively listening with supportive learning that will help to make them resilient, confident, caring and kind.”

I started working in early learning education and care in 2009 and have been at Community Kids Kewarra Beach since 2019. I hold an Advance Diploma, Diploma of Business and Management, Child protection, Food safety Supervisor, as well as a Certificate 3 in Children community Service.

I have always had a desire to work alongside children, to support their growth and ambitions to achieve their goals in life. Every child is an individual. They all explore and investigate in different ways, communicate and connect individually. I’m guided by children’s interests, responses and I support their needs with encouragement. 

Everyone who works with or visits us are entitled to always feel safe and secure. Our team members have completed their child protection training. They comply with company standards, policies and practices and our thorough cleaning and monitoring of illness are at a high standard to ensure that everyone is healthy and safe.  

The team are committed, dedicated, caring and long serving within the service. Every team member is committed to “children first” with a positive focus on establishing and scaffolding on children’s strengths to grow and be successful learners in life. The team and our families have a strong relationship and they created a closely bonded community.

The process of starting at a new centre can create confusion and anxiety for families. Therefore, coming by for a tour is the best way for us to get to know you and you can learn more about us. Families are guided through our centre and introduced to team members so we get to know one another on a more personal level. During this time, we can find out what outcomes they want for their attending child, their child’s interests and favourite things to do. 

Our door is always open, we will leave freshly baked cookies or cupcakes in the foyer weekly. Parents are invited to contribute to feedback through Xplor notifications as well as stop and stay when time permits.

I look forward to welcoming your family to our centre.

Call to enquire 1800 411 604