Centre Manager - Community Kids Merrylands

"I find immense joy in guiding children to reach developmental milestones and witnessing their growth into unique individuals. ”

My early learning career started in 2014. I joined the team at Community Kids Merrylands in 2024. I hold a diploma qualification. I have worked through various roles such as educator, room leader, educational leader, assistant director, and centre director. Each role has enriched my understanding and passion for fostering children's development, making the journey immensely rewarding and fulfilling. I find immense joy in guiding children to reach developmental milestones and witnessing their growth into unique individuals. 

Children’s curiosity fuels my love for project investigations, allowing them to participate in research and active exploration. My passion lies in nurturing children to become confident and engaged learners, fostering resilience, and instilling independence. I am dedicated to empowering them with the skills and mindset needed for a successful and fulfilling journey through education and life. 

Attending a dedicated early childhood education and care centre offers numerous learning benefits compared to learning at home, especially in terms of social interaction and mental stimulation. Children engage with peers in a centre, fostering social skills, teamwork, and communication. The structured environment provides a variety of educational activities, promoting cognitive development and a love for learning. Professional guidance from educators ensures a well-rounded curriculum tailored to individual needs, enhancing overall educational experiences. 

At Community Kids Merrylands, our team's dedication shines through as they provide quality care and engaging programs. Their commitment to nurturing curiosity, involvement, and active participation ensures that children receive excellent care and have the opportunity to flourish and develop in a supportive and enriching environment. 

Building a good relationship involves a continuous effort to understand and meet the unique needs of each family. By being responsive, supportive and creating a sense of community, we work hard daily to create a positive and enriching experience for children and their families.

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