Fadia Yammie

Centre Manager - Community Kids Merrylands

" Love, respect and compassion are main three components in making our centre so special.”

I have been working in childcare for 30 years and have a Diploma in childcare.  My ESL teacher was my inspiration to pursue this career path as it was, she who supported me throughout my time at Primary School. 

I believe that all children need to be treated with love, care and respect. Parents need to feel that they are at ease when they leave their child at our care. We need to treat them as our own children and reflect on us as educators of how we want our own children to be treated. Love, respect and compassion are main three components in making our centre so special. 

All childcare centres, including our centre, use the foundation of play-based learning to guide our experiences every day. With access to a range of age-appropriate learning resources, trained educators, and new experiences among friends, we set children up to thrive in an environment that is dedicated to learning. Children develop their curiosity, problem-solving, confidence and resilience at our centre, and we carefully plan play-based learning experiences around their interests and learning goals. Over time, you will see your child develop abilities such as language, motor movement, memory, concentration and social relationships all by partaking in these experiences - it's a truly incredible journey to witness! 

We understand just how important your children are to you and we ensure we take our responsibilities seriously. Community Kids Education Centres has extensive policy and procedures in place to assist our team in protecting children in our care. 

Our team is built on the foundation of connection and support. Our greatest strengths together are passion for what we do, innovation, compassion, integrity and dedication. The staff, the presentation and the compliments we get from families is what makes me so proud and it truly is a joy to be here every day. 

I know finding a centre that is right for you and your family can be overwhelming.  Here at our centre we walk families through all the forms and administration that need to be done. This includes enrolment forms, Child Care Subsidy (CCS), explaining subsidies, government caps, centre schedules, our centre menu and more. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your way here at Community Kids Merrylands!

Call to enquire 1800 411 604