Shelley  Fiddes 

Centre Manager - Community Kids Morisset

“I have always had a passion for early education, working alongside growing minds each day.” 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2007 and started working at Morisset Early Education Centre in 2014. I hold a Diploma in education and care. Currently studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood.  

I have always had a passion for early education, working alongside growing minds each day. I enjoy working with children, watching them master lifelong skills and scaffolding their learning. Being part of such a crucial time in a child’s life, is a very rewarding career as it allows me to help shape their future.  

The benefits of a child attending a dedicated child care centre include child-led learning, allowing them to have real life experiences, child’s interest are at the forefront of education, communication and social skills are strengthened. Peer scaffolding moments can occur and nature play based learning is explored.  

We have a large team of highly professional trained educators that range from Trainee educators- Early Childhood Teachers. My team and I are committed to providing high quality play-based Early Education and Care as well as innovative and inclusive curriculum’s which are planned in conjunction with families.  

Partnerships with families are something that the educators and I are passionate about. We value and believe that warm, respectful and collaborative relationships are at the heart of quality early childhood experiences, and respect families as children’s first teachers. We have extremely strong relationships with our wider community and are very much involved with supporting locals and ensuring our connections remain strong within the service.  

Each child is well cared for in our care. Their wellbeing and safety are paramount. Every child has the right to feel safe and supported at all times in our care.  

We build strong relationships with our families through honesty, trust and open communication. We ensure that families are comfortable with educators during the meet and greet enrolment stage. Families have access to learning and educators daily. We encourage families to share information about their child so that we can best plan for their needs.  

We have a breakfast bar for families to grab a snack on the go or a coffee. At times, we provide fruit and vegetable boxes to families to say thank you.  

We explain the whole enrolment process from the tour up until the first day. We ensure we cover the ins and outs of the enrolment process and have a huge focus on the family and child. We ensure that the families get a great tour and feel extremely comfortable in our care. This doesn’t just stop on the first day, we continue to ensure our families are well looked after with strong communication and a helping hand when required. Our families are kept up to date with their children’s learning journey every step of the way and can be viewed on our all-in-one family app - Xplor.  

Our educators ensure they make themselves available for families to discuss their child’s development and information from the day-to-day attendance. We encourage families to call us throughout the day and always ensure they can come to us with any concerns or questions.  

Welcome to Morisset Early Education Centre. 

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