Shanel Lines

Centre Manager - Community Kids Shepparton

“I believe that real life experience is going to teach children more than sitting and doing things by rote.”

I started working in early learning and have been with Community Kids Shepparton since 2009. I have a Diploma of Community Services (Children Services). I have worked in many centres across Shepparton, starting out as an assistant educator, moving to OHSC, Lead Educator, Educational Leader and Assistant Centre Manager, before taking on the role as Centre Manager in 2016.  

I have learnt that children will find their own way. Each child is different and has their own way of learning and growing, when they are given the opportunity, they will make this happen. They are naturally inquisitive and wanting to understand the world, what’s happening and how things work. Because of this I listen to children and try and follow their lead with their learning and the curriculum I provide.   

Our spacious centre has a homey feel, incorporating many aspects of a home environment into our play spaces and the practices we share with the children. We offer an indoor/outdoor program, allowing children to make choices about where and when then play. 

I lead my team to provide care and education that puts children’s safety at the forefront of our practice and empower children to speak up about their feelings.   

We are a committed, warm and caring team who have that special way of interacting when it comes to children. Critical refection of practice and the desire and drive to improve are essential traits of an excellent educator. I believe that all educators bring something new and different to our centre and with a shared leadership approach, we can create a high-quality centre that offers children, families and educators a place where they can grow. 

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