Christine Da Silva Mota

Centre Manager - Community Kids Springvale South

“Each child is unique in their own way and we as educators need to respect each individual.”

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 2000 and started working at Community Kids Springvale South in 2000. I hold a Diploma in Children Services as well as an Advanced Diploma in Children Services. Then many years later G8 Education gave us the opportunity to continue studying and to complete the Diploma of Leadership and management. The reason I have stayed in this field is because of my positive experiences, the networks and friendships I have made and most importantly working alongside children.  

I wanted to create a service that is warm and friendly for everyone. I can proudly say that we do not have a staff turnover and that we have great relationships with each other, and we all have the same goal which is giving the children the best opportunity to learn and grow. Working together as a team is very rewarding as we have accomplished so much together over the past few years. I am still continuing to learn and I enjoy mentoring the team towards making the service known as one of the best within the community. 

I have learnt over the years that children have voices and are allowed to want to express their feeling and emotions in different ways. Each child is unique in their own way and we as educators need to respect each individual. Children also learn in different ways which help educators to become more understanding and wanting to learn more about the child’s interest/needs and to help children to further develop towards learning new skills.  

Children learn many things while being in care. For example, relationships and communication, having discussions about feelings and how to act, respecting others, learning about what is in our community and how to help the community. Teaching children about healthy habits and growing fruits and vegetables in the garden. Getting children ready for primary school by visiting the local school a few times a year and completing tasks that helps towards school readiness. It is important that children are able to socialise and gain relationships with other children and adults that are not within their family circle. We provide lots of fun activities that help towards children learning and wanting to learn more.   

We have a very multicultural team who are dedicated and passionate about working with children. The staff try very hard to go above and beyond for the children and their families. We have a great reputation within the community due to the staff working at the centre for a very long time. We appreciate our time spent with children and consider ourselves very lucky to be involved with children.  

We teach children about the circle of trust and body awareness. We encourage children to use their voices and that they can trust us as educators. We want children to feel comfortable and be able to express how their feeling at all times.  

We have a good reputation due to building strong relationships with families. We like to share stories with our families and make them feel comfortable. At times families ask for advice and I am more than happy to help them.  

Throughout the year we celebrate morning teas giving families the opportunity to meet each other. We also like to provide snacks in the mornings and special treats in the afternoon for families. If children participate in cooking experiences during the day then this is shared with families in the afternoon. 

I am here to help families and children through orientation by being flexible and listening to what their needs are. Staff are here to help translate if English is a second language. At times I share stories about my own personal life experiences about being a parent which helps first times parents in care.  

Welcome to Community Kids Springvale South

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