Karen Habelreeh

Centre Manager - Community Kids Austral

"I believe that each child is an individual and they are capable, observant, competent and creative."

Hello and welcome to Community Kids Austral Before and After School Care.  

I have worked in early childhood education and care for many years, and I became the Centre Manager in early June 2013. I have had experience working with all age groups. 

I hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and will endeavour to begin my degree in Early Childhood.  

I believe children are central to everything we do. We are creating the future and next generation of leaders in our country. Here at Austral, we know that every child is unique and should be treated so, and we facilitate environments that encourage children not only to have fun but learn and grow into their future success. 

All childcare centres, including our Centre, use the foundation of play-based learning to guide our experiences every day. With access to a range of age-appropriate learning resources, trained educators, and new experiences among friends, we set children up to thrive in an environment that is dedicated to learning.  

I believe that each child is an individual and they are capable, observant, competent and creative. Children should be supported to be active contributors to our communities, and awareness of diversity should be encouraged.  

As Centre Manager, I provide a supportive team environment where our educators are encouraged with ongoing training. 

I believe children should develop a relationship with the environment with an emphasis on care and conservation. Positive self-identity and high self-esteem are vital in giving children a good sense of themselves. These may be further developed when children’s communities are identified and portrayed within the Centre. I believe that everyone is unique and that children need to know that they are loved unconditionally; they belong to a diverse set of communities. I also think that children need consistency, limits and boundaries, and respect for themselves and each other. Children need to know truth and honesty and the impact they have on others.  

I respect and value family teachings, liaise with parents and foster parent partnership. I believe that social interactions and relationships are important to develop a sense of belonging and identity. It is important to have positive role models where the children need to learn social protocols, including respecting and honouring diversity.  

We understand that starting at a new centre can be overwhelming and encourage families and carers to visit our Centre. You can contact the Centre or just come in to view our great learning environment. I look forward to meeting you and your families. I also look forward to answering your questions and discussing your needs.  

Welcome to Community Kids Austral
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