Danielle Deex (Danni) 

Centre Manager - Community Kids Blossomvale

“I have learnt that every child is unique and therefore each child has a different learning style.” 

I began my career in early childhood education and care in 1997 and started working at Community Kids Blossomvale in October 2020. I hold a Diploma in OSHC and in Early Childhood education and care.  

I began in the sector by running my own business from home, then as an educator at an out of school service at Aberfoyle Hub Campus where I gained my diploma in OSHC. I soon obtained an assistant position at a G8 centre in Morphett Vale which then led to a lead educator position to an Assistant Centre Manager to successfully becoming the Centre Manager here at Community Kids Blossomvale.  
From a very early age I have always been drawn to children. I would eagerly babysit my mum’s friend’s children, and as I got older, I fussed over nieces and nephews. When I had my own little family, it made sense to me to start my own Family Day Care business. It was extremely satisfying to be able to provide a safe and fun filled learning environment not just for my own children but for those families who trusted me to care and nurture theirs.  
I have learnt that every child is unique and therefore each child has a different learning style. It is important that they are provided the opportunity to embrace their individuality and allow them to learn and develop in a manner that is appropriate for them. I feel it is important to be flexible and adapt my teaching style based on the needs and interests of the child as well as the outcomes and milestones achieved.  

We have identified that the early years of a child’s life is a fundamentally important time where they are naturally wired and eager to learn. Therefore, the benefits of participating in an early childhood education assist in creating daily routines, providing a head start in lifelong skills and an energy for learning. Our team of qualified and dedicated educators are trained to support your child, challenge their development, and foster their evolving interests.  

I am proud to share we are a team of professional and committed educators who have been providing a service to the Mclaren Vale community for over 10 years. We strive to support and challenge not just the children and families in our care but each other. We are provided with opportunities and encouraged to further our knowledge on professional growth and practices to ensure we are delivering high quality education and care. Where I can, I strive to roster my permanent team members to an individual room to provide consistency throughout the centre.  

A strong focus we have at the centre is child safety and wellbeing especially around child protection. A catch phrase the children use is, “no means no”. Being respectful of our resources and school readiness which includes fun numeracy and literacy experiences. As a team, we ensure we maintain and follow the company’s health and safety policies, procedures and guidelines. Child protection is a focus as I believe children have the right to grow and learn in a safe and secure environment. This is reflected in our centre curriculum.  

We strive to achieve the home away from home feel. The centre just doesn’t belong to the educators but to the families and children who use the service. We strive to use open and honest communication and encourage families to share their ideas and feedback.  

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, however, we can appreciate that mornings can be rushed and quite often families are starting their day on an empty stomach. With this understanding, we have a small breakfast bar that families can grab a little something and go, or if they prefer, they can help themselves to a cuppa and relax on the foyer lounge before they start their day.  

Most of the team are mums themselves and can appreciate the anxieties families are subject to when having to leave their child in someone else’s care. We strive to make this transition as smooth as possible. To do this we encourage orientation visits, here you and your child can get to know the educators before your child starts. We are also aware that worrying about your child’s wellbeing may come and go throughout the day so we invite you to phone the centre any time to check in on your child.  
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