April Events at Coolabah 2

Last month we celebrated a couple of special days at Coolabah Early Learning Centre. The days activities not only led to lots of fun, creative and educational experiences but also helped to develop the childrens understanding of important events.


Easter at Coolabah 2 was a great success. In the lead up to our Easter bonnet parade the children all participated in some arts and crafts and created some beautiful bonnets with their educators that we paraded around the yard for our families. We had a special visit from the Easter bunny which the children were very excited about. The Easter bunny hopped around the yard and gave all the children a special Easter egg and was very impressed by the children’s creativity. Throughout the day we had a special raffle where the families had to guess the amount of eggs in the jar and the lucky winner was able to take it home with them.


Anzac DayCooking-with-children

We also celebrated Anzac day on Thursday the 24th which is a very significant day to remember those soldiers that have served for our country. The children participated in some special wreath making and went for a walk around the garden and collected leaves; they then used these to create their wreaths. The children also particip
ated in making some delicious Anzac biscuits. The children in the Junior Kindy room loved this experience as the educator supervised them stirring the ingredients together to create the biscuit dough. They all became very eager to taste them for afternoon tea. This experience established the cooperation between the children as they took turns in stirring the mixture. This also teaches the children to interact with care, empathy and respect. Also allowing them build on their self identity whilst establishing a sense of self belonging and purpose.

 Learning Outcomes

From the activities and shared experiences the following learning outcomes were achieved;

  • Learning outcome 1: Children have a strong sense of identity.
  • Learning outcome 2: Children and connected and contribute to their world.
  • Learning outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners.
  • Learning outcome 5: Children are effective communicators.

Additionally the following principles were taught;Children-Easter-bonnet-parade

  1. Secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.
  2. Partnerships.
  3. Ongoing learning reflective practice.

And finally they practices put in to place included;

  1. Holistic approaches.
  2. Responsive to children
  3. Learning through play.
  4. Intentional teaching.
  5. Learning environments.

Although it may seem as simple as a celebration or commemorative day for our community, to a child it is a fundamental part of their education and sense of identity for many years to come. 

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