Exciting activities at St Helen’s Park

Recently, Community Kids at St Helen’s Park has been participating in a variety of exciting learning activities within the centre. Here’s a few of them. 

The Chickens 

This week, as the children were arriving in the toddler room, they went straight over to show their friends our new chickens. Miss Hannah helped the toddler children to count all the chickens. “Thirteen chickens!” she said out loud, “Woah” said Saxon. 

Miss Amy came over and the children then started pointing to the chickens to show her. She noticed that some of the chickens had started to grow feathers, as they were the ones who hatched first. 

Jarrod and his mum came in and Jarrod wanted to show her the chickens too. 

Miss Hannah then took Nugget out for everyone to pat and she pointed to his new feathers. The children all took turns and carefully stroked the chicken on its back. 

Bike riding

As the children had so much fun last week riding their bikes, we decided to extend it over this week too. We got out our helmets, bikes and scooters all ready to go! 

They followed Miss Hannah out and began riding around. Neva had a turn of riding Miah’s bike and Miss Nikki walked around with her helping her to push her self using the pedals. Neva was a bit nervous at first, but she became more confident as she continued to ride. Lucille also had a turn and loved playing with the bell while laughing at the noise. 

Miss Nikki explained that we use the bell to let others know we are coming so they can move out of the way. Paige also enjoyed riding this bike and had lots of fun helping the others by pushing from behind. Aiden was super confident with his bike and loved showing his friends how fast he could go around the corners. Josh enjoyed riding around with Samuel on their scooters. 


Soccer Fun!

This week, Chris our coach got us to practice stopping the balls with our feet and reminded us not to use our hands.

We did some drills where we bent down and touched some cones. We also jumped over some hurdles and kicked the ball into the goals. 

Each child, with help from Chris and Miss Nikki was able to complete the obstacle course and complete the activity.

They all seemed to have fun, but the last game was the best.  All the soccer balls Chris brought with him were out for all the children to kick them into the goal while he was defending. All the children kicked the balls everywhere, and chased after them.

Rainy Conversations 

While we were playing indoors, Miss Nikki overheard a conversation between Kyan and Harper about wanting to play in the rain, and jump in muddy puddles.

Miss Nikki asked Kyan and Harper if they would like to go outside in the rain. She smile and said yes. Saxon was listening and asked if he could come as well.

Miss Nikki asked all the toddler children if they wanted to go outside in the rain. There was lots of noise as the children called out all their different answers.

The staff helped the toddler children put on their shoes and jumpers. Some of the children wore raincoats and other held umbrellas. As we stepped out, several smiles appeared on the children’s faces.

They picked partners and walked with them. The grass hill looked a little slippery so we stayed up on the high ground and walked around to the fence near the road. We watched some cars drive past.  We also looked at the sky and cloud when Miss Nikki asked what colour the sky was.

Miss Nikki asked if it was sunny and then snowing. Some of the toddler children laughed at Miss Nikki and said it was raining. 

Miss Hannah called out it’s water. Neva placed her hand out to try and catch some rain drops while Kyan stuck out his tongue, he said “yum yum water”. We took our time walking back to the centre and the staff pointed out things that looked different in the rain, we saw a small spider web.

Toddler Day Spa 

At Community Kids St Helens Park, the children in the toddler room enjoyed a special Day Spa experience as part of an extension on a child’s interest. Miss Amy and Miss Nikki set up the materials needed and all the children started to gather around the table. While the children were waiting, Miss Amy mashed up banana for our faces and cut cucumbers for our eyes.

The children enjoyed having their faces covered in banana and then went and lay on the lounge and placed the cucumbers on their eyes.

Once all the children were pampered, we decided it was Miss Jo’s turn to relax and have a facial. 

The toddler children couldn’t wait to paint her face with banana and thought this was very funny . 

Toddler Nail Salon

The toddler children were super excited to open our pretend nail salon. As an extension from last week’s day spa, we decided to ask the toddler children if they wanted their nails painted.

Most of the children showed immediate interest and came racing over to the nail salon. Miss Amy was sitting waiting with chairs and a variety of different coloured nail polishes. 

Miss Amy then asked the children as they came and sat down ready what colours they wanted to use on their fingers The children did really well at sitting still while Miss Amy painted their nails carefully. Once they had their turn they blew on their nails to help them dry.

While this was happening, Miss Jo was using some special hand cream to give the children hand massages while they waited. 

Some of the children then asked Miss Jo if they could paint her toenails. All of the sudden the toddler children showed interest in this and were all painting Miss Jo’s nails

Lucky Miss Jo!! The toddler children had lots of fun during this experience and we can’t wait to do it again


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