Community Kids St Helen’s Park Goes On A Bakery Excusion!

Here at Community Kids St Helen’s Park, the day had finally come for our preschool children’s excursion to the bakery! The children had counted down the days, and we were ready to go.

Preparation time

Before we left, all the children gathered on the mat where we put our special yellow vests on. 

Miss Emily explained that these vests were to be worn so that they could be seen at all times. We then looked up the map to see how we could get there. 

The children went to the toilet, the bags were packed and they were all encouraged to pick a buddy. We spoke about the importance of having a buddy and holding their hands. Miss Emily then also explained some simple road rules for the children. 

We said goodbye to the toddlers, Miss Jess and then finally to the babies. Once all the children were prepared, it was time to leave! 

Observing Street Signs 

Before heading off on our excursion, we stopped for a quick photo opportunity by the Community Kids sign.

As we began walking, we came to our first road to cross. The children held their buddy’s hands, we looked right, then left, then right and left again. The coast was clear so in groups we crossed the road. Mason then became very excited and exclaimed, “look everyone it’s my house!”. Mason then asked his peers if they would like to come over to his house, and then wanted to take a photo in front of it. 

We kept walking all the way up Larapinta and came to our next road to cross. This road was bigger and a main road. The children did a great job to hold their peers’ hands and look both ways before crossing road again.

Letterbox Dropping 

This is when we began letterbox dropping. Miss Jess had made some special flyers to drop into people’s letterboxes explaining what our centre has to offer. The children took it in turns to put the letters in the letterboxes. Leila then noticed we were walking to her old house. Leila told all her friends about her old house and asked for a photo. The children noticed a big sign out the front and asked about it. Miss Amy then explained it was a “For Sale” sign, meaning the people are moving. 

The children enjoyed waving to all the people in the cars, with some cars even beeping and waving to us. We noticed some builders on a house, and the chilren questioned what they were doing. Miss Lillian told them that they were constructing the roof of the house. They were using a special machine to take the tiles up to the top of the roof. While walking past some of the houses, Xavier was able to identify his house number.

Identifying Landmarks 

Aiden noticed the baseball field and was excited to tell his friends that that’s where his daddy plays baseball.

Mason, Riley and Chloe got very excited as we approached Woodland Road Public School as some of their brothers/sisters/cousins go to this school. So we got a special photo out the front of the gates. 

Approaching the Bakery! 

The children were very excited because we were getting closer and closer to the bakery. We began signing a song we just made, “We’re going on a bakery hunt, we’re going to get some bread rolls, what a beautiful day, we’re all so hungry”. 

We crossed the carpark and headed for the bakery. The children all cheered as we arrived and the workers in the bakery were very excited to see us. 

The children got to look inside all the shelves and see all the yummy treats the bakery sold. 

We ordered 25 bread rolls and brought all the rolls in the shop! Each child got to individually pay for the bread roll with money.

We all agreed it smelt very yummy in the bakery and off we went with our rolls. As we were leaving the hairdressers came out to see us and wanted us to come in.  We told them this would have to be another excursion, as it was time head home. 

Picnic Time 

We began heading back to the grassed area near the school. Once we were in the bush section, the educators allowed the children to run free! The pre-schoolers were so excited to stretch their legs and have a run.

Once we got to the all grassy area we found a nice spot to sit down and have our lunch. The children brought out a bread roll and picked what spread they would like on their roll. We had a beautiful lunch in the sun, watching the birds and enjoying our yummy sandwiches, with a cold drink of water. 

Being Superheroes 

After our lunch, it was time to do our superhero training. Miss Amy started off by getting all the children to line up at the fence and we had a running race! Then we did a flying race. We did some jumping and Issac suggested showing his peers how to do push ups. 

After our training the children said they were getting tired, so we thought it was time to head back to school. On the walk home the children were very tired and worn out from a fun excursion. Despite being exhausted, still had enough energy to wave to the passing cars, and we even saw miss Stacey!

Learning about Roofing 

The house on which the workers were building the roof was now finished! One of the workers even came over to the preschool children to say hello. Mason asked what he was doing.

“I’m a roof on the house” he said, “But why?” Xavier asked, “‘Because it’s my job” He replied. Miss Emily and Miss Amy explained that he builds the houses to make money. Some of the children said they wanted to build roofs on houses when they get big. 

Finally, we safely arrived back at our preschool. What a wonderful day of exploration, fun and learning it was! 

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