Recent Learning Experiences at Community Kids Victoria Point

It’s been a busy time for us at Community Kids Victoria Point

Some of our recent experiences include spending time with high school students and visiting a bakery. Read on to see what we have been up to… 

High School Student Visit

Here at Community Kids Victoria Point, we love to have the High School students visit each term.

We have three classes from Victoria Point State High School that visit us weekly to spend time with the Kindergarten children. One of their period classes is spent with us in the centre.

The students are studying their Certificate III in childcare and are gaining knowledge and confidence while building strong relationships with the children.

The kindergarten children get so excited when the High Schoolers come and when they leave, we sometimes have tears!

Recently we enjoyed some Yoga on the Whiteboard, Leggo, tap tap and building blocks.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with the High School and bringing the community into our centre.

Bakery Excursion 

Recently Community Kids Victoria Point visited a bakery to collect the end of day bread, sweets and savoury items.

You would be amazed at just how much we get from them, and if we don’t take it to give to the community, it unforunately gets thrown out.

This was a wonderful opportunity to give something back to the community and parents of the centre.

We will be looking for further opportunities to help out people in need in the coming weeks.

A special thank you to Miss Ashlee for being involved in the process of setting up the bread night through community engagement.


These experiences have been both educational and enjoyable for us at Commnuty Kids Victoria Point. 

We hope to have more of such experiences in the future! 


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