Sustainability & Community Award Winner – Fiona from Glenella!

We are thrilled to announce our very own Fiona Janse Van Rensburg has been named G8 Education’s National Sustainability & Community Award Winner of the Year!

Fiona was chosen for this prestigious award from more than 500 early learning services across Australia. 

award winner

In Fiona’s words

“As the Centre Manager, I recognise the importance that parents see in us endorsing sustainability and community within our service,” she said.

“We believe that for our families and communities, life is so busy. So, when the children come to the centre they have the opportunity to be out in the open spaces. They then take whatever they learn outside into the other practices and learning within their day!

“As educators, we know that we’re not experts at everything. So, why not get the community in and have them share their expertise? Everything from having visits by the local elders and emergency services, to sign language, music and sports therapists, the list is endless. If the children have an interest, we tap into it.”

Let’s come together to congratulate Fiona. We encourage all our families to take a moment to wish Fiona on this incredible achievement!

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