Police visit and heroes at Campbelltown

Recently at Community Kids Campbelltown we discussed the qualities of a hero through a mind map. We spoke about how a hero helps people, they are nice, they are fast, they put bad guys in jail and they save people. As an extension of this interest, Miss Melissa organised for a Policeman to come and join us to have a discussion with the Gerbera’s about how he helps people every day and keeps them safe. Senior Constable Chris Love joined us at Community Kids Campbelltown.

We joined Senior Constable Love in the Gerbera room eagerly awaiting to talk and ask questions together. “I heard you have been learning about heroes?”, “Yes they save people” Betty said. “I help and save people every day by keeping them safe on the road and from people who are doing bad things” Senior Constable Love told the children. We had a brainstorming session and the children talked about all the things that they think Policemen and women do. Samuel said “Shoot the bad guys” Senior Constable Love explained they try to avoid that and it is very sad when it happens.

Other ideas included putting people in jail and catching people speeding. Samuel said “You have a Police motorbike”, Senior Constable Love said “I do, that’s what I ride when I am at work to make sure everyone is safe on the road. Who has a bike at home?”. The children all put their hands in the air. They were then asked “What do you wear when you ride your bike?”, Betty knew it was a helmet. Senior Constable Love then spoke to us about road safety, asking us questions and prompting the children to answer the questions displaying their knowledge of road safety. We spoke about riding on the path, always staying with our parents or an adult and wearing our helmets when riding. We then spoke about walking safely across a road.

Next it was time to have a look outside at his Police motorbike. We put on our vests and ventured out to the front car park where we sat down at the garden. Senior Constable Love spoke to us about all the different items on his bike such as his navigator and map, his siren and lights and his helmet that he wears to protect his head while riding. We each had a turn at climbing on his bike and turning the lights on. The children were very intrigued about all the different buttons and gadgets on the bike pointing to them and asking lots of questions. Thank you very much Senior Constable Love for joining us as we continue our exploration through our local Heroes.

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